Creating a branding strategy means  looking into the eyes  your audience and making them fall in love with you for life.

Trova la tua strategia di branding con Larry Agency, l'agenzia di branding felice

A Memorable Brand:

Becomes sentimentally attached to his audience

Create desire

It is an explosion of style

Becoming a Brand means having a clear and powerful dream and goals.

Defining a branding strategy is the first step in building your vision and leaving a tangible mark on the world.

We bring together and consolidate values, words, images and data.

This is the beginning of a new chapter.


Your mission becomes ours.

How did the great Brands become memorable?
It is not just about intelligence or talent. Every entrepreneur wants to achieve success. The difference lies in vision and choosing the right Brand Identity agency on this journey called “Branding.” We could tell you many things, the truth is that when we start a journey together: your mission becomes ours.


We create a cultural heritage.

Our goal is to create a cultural heritage that lasts and enhances brand identity. We have a unique and different approach, a trained team that has deep knowledge not only in the field of Communication, but also in process management. Not surprisingly, every project starts with a training workshop. Building Brand Identity gives you the power to position yourself in people’s heads, and Larry Agency is the best place for that to happen.


We offer services tailored to you.

Probably, you have dealt with communication agencies before. Some may have disappointed you. Trusting someone today is difficult, we know, let alone someone you know little about. Therefore, we respect your time and make things easy for you. We could sell “shelf” services to hundreds of small businesses. We don’t want to do that. We only want to take care of those who have the vision and ambition to make a mark in people’s lives through effective branding strategies.

Larry Agency  Manifesto 

Do you think you can be part of this group of brave visionaries?

If the answer is "Yes," here is the deal we make with you.

Cuciamo sul tuo brand, come abili sarti, un’identità visiva potente.

We sew on your brand, like skilled tailors, a powerful visual identity.

Strategia di branding: esaltiamo i tuoi valori, perché li condividiamo.

We exalt your values because we share them.

Strategia di branding: facciamo innamorare Il tuo pubblico

We make the audience fall in love with your brand, because you are what they want at that very moment.

Are you ready to go the extra mile to get your best reward?

We find the best branding strategy for you.

Meet those who will take care of you and your Brand:  the Larry Agency team 

Stefania Ressa

Brand Strategist

Word:  Bold 

He carefully analyzes and studies projects, embarks on exciting adventures across Italy to meet clients in person, take them by the hand and reveal his boldest ideas.

Stefania Ressa crea la tua strategia di branding

Stefania R.

Cindy Pedone


Word:  Enigmatic 

Enigmatic soul with an ebony-colored look. She moves around armed only with a paintbrush, a boundless imagination and brings to life fantastic worlds populated by drawings, icons and mascots.

Cindy Pedone del team Larry


Stefania Altamore

Graphic Designer

Word:  Passionate 

She is obsessed with fonts, and letters are her passion.
Like an expert explorer, she searches for the hidden treasure in every corner of the typographic world by flipping through the yellowed pages of old books and studying the hidden details of forgotten typefaces.

Stefania Altamore del team Larry

Stefania A.

Gabriel Comet

Web Designer and UX Strategist

Word:  Irresistible 

He spends his time in a secret laboratory, where he puts together pieces of ideas, strategies, and dreams from his unique teammates. Like a captain, he guides customers through the jungle of the Web and turns their story into an irresistible browsing experience.

Gabriele Cometa del team Larry


Sara Calabrese

Copywriter and SEO specialist

Word:  Dreamer 

His fingers dance continuously like little enchanted dancers.
With his unique ability to capture the essence of each story, he transforms the client into the protagonist of his narratives.

Sara Calabrese del team Larry


Annamaria Pasanisi

Data Analyst

Word:  Solver 

The data teller, she lives in a parallel world and finds joy in numbers. Through his analyses, he illuminates the paths of brand strategy, reveals hidden opportunities and unveils valuable solutions.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Larry Agency, the happy agency... that makes you happy.

Let's find out if we were made for each other and create your Branding strategy together.

Who is Larry?

If you’re wondering who this funny character holding a coffee cup in his hands is, we’ll satisfy you right away: it’s Larry, our mascot.

Larry makes the case for the history of our Branding agency.

We were in the throes of choosing a name. During our brainstorms, we discovered that in the United Kingdom an expression is in vogue to indicate being very happy: “I’M HAPPY AS LARRY.”

The reference is to Larry Foley, an Australian boxer who first appeared in the writings of a New Zealand author and apparently collected one victory after another. Therefore, he was presumed to be happy.

Hence, the desire to want to be identified as the happy Branding agency, where every day between cups of coffee we give birth to out-of-the-box ideas and projects for your Brand.

Larry con tazzina di caffè e sciarpa arancione
Larry che imbuca una lettera

Larry believes in you

Write down thoughts, proposals and needs. We will listen to you with curiosity.

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