Get a brand design project you will love.

Our branding strategy will make your  heart beat. 

La nostra strategia di brand design ti farà battere il cuore.

We wrote this in our manifesto: we take responsibility for the results we want you to achieve.

If it is not this love!

 Aspire.    Evolve.   Become.  

On the left what you are, on the right what you will become:


Technical-legal dimension

What you offer

Focus on products and services

Staticity of the physical mark

Goal: to make income


Cultural, social, values dimension

What are you

Focus on experiences and relationships

Dynamic and intangible entity

Goal: to create value

How does the Brand Design pathway work with us?

The first activity when we initiate Brand Design projects is quantitative and qualitative analysis, which allows us to define the direction of the Brand, study the audience, and position the Brand correctly.

We enter companies with the aim of creating a powerful and lasting cultural and identity heritage. It is our value proposition, because even before we are creative and operational, we are consultants. We initiate team and management trainings to inspire and educate resources.

Tone of voice is, yes, the way the Brand communicates but it is also the style that reflects the personality of the company. Setting the tone of voice is strategic because it guides the Brand on the path to recognition and positioning.

It is no longer enough today to think about advertising strategy without a proper content strategy. Through valuable content you build and keep the Brand’s online presence relevant. Only rule: consistency and recognizability. Oops, that’s two.

Identity definition is the unique and distinctive representation of the Brand. The Brand Design path is manifested through a series of elements: the name, logo, colors, visual style, values, website, and corporate image.

Every action on the Brand is measurable. It is a key process for evaluating the effectiveness of branding activities and understanding the Brand’s impact on the audience. Awareness, consideration, perception, involvement and values are some of the metrics we observe during our work.

Let our project managers, strategists, graphic designers and copywriters take you on this intriguing journey.

Analytics is your brand map

Data guide your choices and steer the brand between curves full of inputs and numbers.

Imagine you are in your Chevrolet, the streets are crowded, not even a sign on the horizon.

The only salvation is the map in the dashboard.

Mappa disegnata con i colori di Larry Agency

Quantitative and qualitative analysis gives Brand the detailed direction to find your way back and position yourself correctly in the minds of your audience.

Ask yourself, "What does the public say about me when I'm not around?"

We find the answer in the numbers, in sentiment analysis, in researching the behavior of your online and offline competitors.














On the one hand, numbers and statistics to measure tangible data.

On the other, emotions, perceptions and opinions to gain an in-depth understanding of the Brand and the market in which you operate.

Get a tone (of voice)

Tone of voice is how your Brand communicates the message.

You can say the same thing in so many ways. The
tone of voice
(ToV) is nothing more than the “how,” the writing style, the translation of your values into powerful, unique and effective messages.

Every morning your Brand wakes up, opens her refined closet and chooses her favorite outfit.

Floral prints or psychedelic textures?

The choice of style is significant because it determines how your Brand will be perceived.

Let's take an example

Background: at the time of registration, two U.S. e-commerce companies ask users to provide their date of birth, and each explains why they need this information (required by law).

Serious tone of voice of the 1st brand:

Required to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Friendly tone of voice of the 2nd brand:

Sorry, our lawyers are the ones asking us!

Your Brand scales the heights with SEO Copywriting

We are serial word searchers and climb like skilled mountaineers on the mountain of Google.

We obsessively scout out the right words to write stories that make an impression. Every single word must represent your essence. In each text your personality emerges. The challenge is to keep your audience glued to the text. Line by line.

Imagine doing a Google search. In less than a few seconds, the results will give you the answer you were looking for. SEO is about getting your business “up” in the top SERP results.

Forget ropes, harnesses and carabiners, to climb
the mountain of results
you need desk-studied content that comes from analyzing, choosing and specifically using the right keywords.

All our texts are SEO-optimized-we are confident that valuable content is a winner.

Esempio di SERP di Google

Example of how we climbed the SERP by appearing in the Google snippet with a long-tail keyword.

Want to maximize your brand's visibility on search engines?