Brand Visual Identity

We put our finger in the pie to enhance your brand visual identity, even  better than your grandmother  when she made cookies.

Mettiamo le mani in pasta per esaltare la tua brand visual identity, persino meglio di tua nonna quando faceva i biscotti.

We design and style your Brand in detail.

You will look in the mirror and finally be able to recognize yourself and be remembered.

Building visual identity means identifying  what differentiates you  from your competitors.

Brand Visual Identity determines brand perception and conveys messages about your personality.

Like a pebble you throw into a pond and generate small concentric waves, your Brand’s visual identity expands and develops to define a unique personality.

We collect all visual elements in the Brand Handbook, which provides you with all the guidelines on the branding process and detailed guidance on how the visual elements of the brand-logo, font, tone, layout, size-should be employed in various contexts, ensuring consistency and recognizability.

We design the logo

When we make the logo, the goal is to create an image that is particularly distinguishable and evocative.

Logo Guideline Madory
Cofanetto con logo Madory
Esempio di Brand Guideline e progettazione del logo per un nostro cliente.

The font

Il font

Fonts also have “soul“: they are designed to convey an emotion, to elicit a reaction, to establish perception.

The palette

La palette

Colors play an essential role.

They define how you will be perceived emotionally by your audience.


Draw, voice of the verb to stand out.

We use illustration to tell who you are. We abolish photos and database images. Authenticity is invaluable to us.

Illustrations allow you to be recognizable forever.

Illustrazioni per la brand visual identity: step 1
Illustrazioni per la brand visual identity: step 2
Illustrazioni per la brand visual identity: step 3

Visual Brand Identity is all you need to get started.

Start your visual branding journey with us.

Website and E-commerce creation

The website is  the virtual home  of your Brand.

A place where the user should be able to move around easily, feeling comfortable.

Let us immediately dispel a myth that is rampant:

The website must be functional first and attractive second.

When we design a website or e-commerce, we build and customize each page. We structure the user experience so that it is smooth and leave nothing to chance.

Finally, we review what we have done in the Design UX/UI phase and initiate usability testing and design validation.

The texts we design with SEO in mind do the rest, because – in addition to ranking you on search engines – they improve navigation.

Visit the page Our Works and click on the Website Creation tab to discover all the websites we have created.

Need a new virtual home?

You are in the right place!

Corporate photo shooting & video

Between showing and  highlighting  content there is a big difference.

If it’s true that clothes make the man, it’s time to design a corporate photo shoot and video to tell your Brand’s identity with our partners Toast Studio and That’s a Video.

Il logo di Toast Studio, partner dell'agenzia di branding Larry Agency

He takes sensational photos and designed our poster.

Il logo di That's a Video, partner dell'agenzia di branding Larry Agency

He makes videos that are exciting and engaging stories.

Make emotional connections with your audience and tell your story with memorable photo and video campaigns.

It is no coincidence that some photographs or videos have become real
corporate posters
. Images have a very powerful force in communication campaigns.

Do you want to make photos and videos that show you exactly how you would like?