Employer Branding

Your employees  won't love other Brand  but yours.

Grazie all'Employer Branding, i tuoi collaboratori non ameranno altro Brand all’infuori del tuo.

Wait, though, there’s more!

At Larry Agency, we do more than just magic up brand identity and strategy. Surprise!

We also deal with Employer Branding:

We turn your team members into  ambassadors and testimonials for the company. 

And you know what? We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Just prepare the office room and put chairs around the table. The rest? Entrust it to us as well.

Our Project Managers will lead your team through a training process that will make your Brand more popular than ever.

What will you get in return?

Employer branding: aumento della fiducia tra le risorse

Increased trust among resources

Employer branding: miglioramento della produttività

Improved productivity

Strengthening of information management and circulation

Three  simple but meaningful  things, just the way we like.

How does it work?

We listen to you and your needs. For your Employer Branding project, we explore the context and gather information. We want to get to know your team thoroughly. In a nutshell, open the doors of your company and let us in.

We create a personalized and authentic strategy that will help you communicate better with the team and enhance information management. And don’t worry, everything will be encapsulated in an in-depth document that you can comfortably peruse not only in the office, but also on your lovely couch at home.

We also provide you with tools and resources to communicate well. We work closely with you and your people, helping you tell your story and making sure the team does the same.

In essence, you will get personalized support that will make managing your team an incredible experience.

We are here to make your Brand an icon and the people on the team real heroes.

Contact us today to kick off your extraordinary transformation.