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Without mincing words, we want to reveal a dream we have had in our drawer for some time.

We would like you to sit on the most comfortable of your couches, pour yourself some Whiskey in the most prestigious glass you own, and browse through our work, with the same interest you have when you flip through your favorite magazine.

In this part of our site, Larry’s projects, unique examples of rebranding, come to life.

At this point, let us imagine that the curiosity index has reached 8, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Be inspired and enjoy the journey.

The creation of the Eurisko Brand: a business intelligence and operational research company that focuses on people

For Eurisko we accomplished:

Logo, corporate image and corporate mascot | SEO copywriting | Website | Graphics and LinkedIn channel management
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The Brand is all that is left of you in the generations to follow, take care of it.

Our style

Our voice is modern without sacrificing the elegant and reassuring style to which Armando Testa’s advertisements have accustomed us.

Of the past we retain the warm, virtuous, and dedicated feelings.

Of modernity, we are fascinated by the impetuous change that makes us question everything to land on even more engaging solutions.

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