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The branding strategy for New Spool

World's first manufacturer of BS spools for welding wire

What we accomplished:

New corporate image

New website

SEO copywriting

La branding strategy per New Spool - Copertina

The challenge

Communicate in a less cold and impersonal way a Brand that works in B2B and sells reels around the world.

Unravel the skein of that purely technical content to get to the heart of New Spool’s customers and create an effective brand strategy.

La branding strategy per New Spool - Company Profile

The solution

In addition to the image, which has been completely revamped both online and offline, we have given New Spool a new voice.

Coordinated image work was the starting point. The creation of a personalized pattern, resulted in continuity between offline and online.

Pattern New Spool

The new website

Speaking of online, the new website tells exactly who New Spool is and takes the user on a tour of the products and services the brand offers.

Navigation is smooth, thanks to the User Experience study and testing phase, which allowed us to optimize navigation between sections.

The use of colors in the palette we have identified invokes the concepts of style and elegance while winking at modernity.

Finally, the site became the showcase for ideal that now hosts the corporate video designed and produced by our partner, That’s a Video.

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