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The creation of the Eurisko Brand

business intelligence and operational research company that focuses on people.

What we accomplished:

Logo, corporate image and corporate mascot

SEO copywriting


LinkedIn channel graphics and management

La creazione del brand Eurisko - Copertina

The challenge

Building an identity that communicated "empathy" and "humanity."

The creation of the Eurisko brand brought us face to face with one of the most important companies in Italy in the field of Business Intelligence and Operations Research.

The user, by relying on the Eurisko consultant, should feel that he or she is dealing with people rather than robots.

Beyond the numbers, the people.
La creazione del brand Eurisko - Logo design

The solution

Identify and create a new voice, with extreme customization of all Brand elements.

In Visual Identity’s work, we were fascinated by Giorgio De Chirico’s metaphysical environments filled with geometric rigor, which inspired the creative process. Brand Eurisko becomes, thus, the ideal place for the client who wants to be guided by the Business Consultant.

The new website

The corporate mascot

La creazione del brand Eurisko - Ideazione della mascotte

Do you want your Brand to be perceived uniquely in its industry?